Corporate Services & Administration

Corporate Services & Administration

Establishing a company or the subsidiary of an international company in Saudi Arabia, the largest economy in the Middle East, offers many opportunities. But as a business owner the setup process requires many decisions to be made. What type of company is best for you? What licenses are necessary for carrying out your operations in the Kingdom? What documents are required? How do you ensure compliance with all the relevant laws and regulations that affect your business? 

Our experienced team of lawyers and consultants are here to help guide you through that process and equip you with the full knowledge necessary for optimising such decisions. We will ensure that you are armed with all the knowledge and advice necessary to make a success of your company in Saudi Arabia, as well as having everything in place for full legal compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. 

The rapid changes undertaken as part of Vision 2030 have gone a long way to reducing the difficulties of setting up in the Kingdom, but it still requires constant attention to keep up with the latest developments and maintain compliance. Our team constantly keeps pace with all these developments and provides an end-to-end service for anyone looking to register their company in Saudi Arabia. We work closely with the Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Commerce, as well as all other relevant government authorities, to make this as quick and painless a process as possible, so that you can concentrate on succeeding in your core business activities. Please take a look at our brief guide to establishing a company in Saudi Arabia to understand the process further and what services we can provide. 

 We want to accompany the continued growth of your business in Saudi Arabia and can support that through advice and services related to the ongoing legal and compliance requirements of owning a Saudi company. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining and amending information on the commercial registry
  • Drafting and publishing board resolutions and minutes of board meetings
  • Corporate record keeping in compliance with Saudi commercial law
  • Registration of trademarks and commercial agencies
  • Securing of Intellectual Property rights 
  • Advice on compliance with legal requirements for Saudization.
  • Drafting of employment contracts compliant with Ministry of Labor rules and regulations.
  • Legal registration of corporate assets held in Saudi Arabia